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New CLASS Opens
in Feb

Pottery is a great way to ground oneself. The study says that one can have many benefits from pottery such as; a creative outlet, increasing optimistic outlet, improving focus, exploring and experimentation, reducing stress, exercising the hands, wrists, and arms, encouraging sociability, and improving quality of life, and much more.


👉 Course duration - 4 weeks, beginning on Feb.

👉 Course fee: $

👉 The course fee includes: 

  • use of the tools

  • access to the open studio from Wednesday to Sunday between 10 am to 4 pm.

  • Participate to the art exhibit (fee: $3) if a student wants to. 


👉 Kiln firing is NOT included, costs are based on size of the piece. 


👉 Students can buy clay for $2.50 per kg


👉 Students Need to Bring their apron & a box to keep their clay.


🙏  If you are interested in exploring this ancient art form, please contact Maya Choi via  WhatsApp: +593984985657

Or send an email to


👉 Topics covered:

Clay, glaze & firing chemistry  / Hand building techniques: coil, pinch, slab, mold / Common vessel building / Sculpting basics / Ceramic jewelry / Tiles / Surface decoration techniques: glazing, sgraffito, carving, relief carving, slip trailing, etc.  


Register: $ Make one-time payment to Paypal: 

or cash before the class


👉 Course duration 



- Monthly $25 

- Wednesday to Sunday

- From 10 am to 4 pm

- Clay and Firing cost is not included.

Make a payment to Paypal: 





We offer glazing & firing service, either pieces or the whole kiln.

Glazing for pieces:

Link to the price Chart

The Whole Kiln

- Bisque firing (cone 05 or 06): $55


- Glaze firing (cone 5 or 6): $75

Pottery Firing Cost.jpg
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