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SAUTÉD CABBAGE WITH CASHEW I got leftover cabbage from making Kimchi yesterday. So my lunch for today is sautéd cabbage, straightforward and tasty.

Prep to nish: 25 minutes - Serves : 2-3 Ingredients • 4 cups sliced cabbage • 1/2 cup cashew - roughly crushed (use coffee grinder if you have) • 1 dried chili - nely diced without seed (Optional)

• 1 Tbsp cooking oil (I use olive oil) • 1 Tbsp chopped green onion • 1/4 tsp salt • 1 tsp sugar (I use panela, sugar from sugar cane)

Steps 1. Heat the pan, add oil, add chili if you wish for, add cabbage, stir about 5 min. 2. Try a piece of cabbage if it’s not cooked cook for a few more mins as stirring it. 3. Add cashew, stir, turn the heat off. 4. Serve

Note ✓ It is good to eat when it’s warm but It is ne to eat when it’s cold too. ✓ Eat with rice or baked potatoes / sweet potatoes.

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