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Apple is good with sweet potato.

The pumpkins are rich in dietary ber, which plays a role in discharging waste products into the body, therefor good for constipation. It helps prevent toxins from accumulating in the intestine, as well as preventing colorectal cancer.

Prep to nish: 25 minutes - Serves:4 Ingredients • 4 cups sweet potato - peeled, washed & cut into 1 in x 1 in cubes • 2 cups pumpkin - prepare same like sweet potato • 1/2 tsp preferable salt • 3 cups water or vegetable broth • 1 apple grated • 2 Tbsp Cashew (if you like nutty avor add 1 Tbsp more) • 2 Tbsp naly chopped onion • 1 Tbsp naly chopped green onion • 1 Tbsp naly chopped cilantro to garnish

Steps 1. Steam sweet potato and pumpkin till softend (10 to 15 minutes).

2. Blend steamed (1) with cashew. 3. Pour (2) into a pot big enough, boil. 4. When it’s boiled add onion and green onion. 5. Turn off heat, cool it down about 5 min. Add grated apple, stir. 6. Serve.

Note ✓ Best within 2 to 3 days of making it.

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